To hell with hundreds of pages in 10pt Times New Roman!

We want to entertain you, inspire you and – most importantly – set you up for success when running your own digital transformation.

The first practitioner-oriented road map on how to execute a digital transformation.

Book forthcoming in 2020

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Why this book is different from others:

  • Serves as how-to-guide for practitioners
  • Acts as handbook to address the digital transformer's dilemma, i.e. striking a balance between the core business while establishing the digital business ("2 S-curves")
  • Features an innovative relatable format ripe with all fresh in-depth case studies
  • Provides all the frills you need, including tips, tricks and tools
  • Focuses on companies with a legacy from a broad set of industries and geographies
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- Inspired by Tarde, 1903

Many publications center around the “why” of digital transformation, convincing C-level executives of the role a digital overhaul plays for the continued success of an organization.

This is important – but to date there has been very limited guidance on the “how” of running a digital transformation.

This is where our book comes in: it is the first practitioner-oriented roadmap on how to execute a digital transformation in real life. We guide practitioners, leaders and evangelists along a set of actionable steps.

You want to talk about digital transformation?

You have to embody digital transformation! And that’s exactly what we did.

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First came the vision: the first practitioner-oriented how-to-guide for running digital transformations in real life. So far so good. Then came the experimentation. Inspired by some of the textbook ways of working utilized in digital transformations, we first established a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) of the book, which we tested with leading digital transformation minds (C-level executives, company owners, thought leaders and scholars). In line with an agile spirit, we swiftly incorporated their feedback, making frequent iterations before establishing a prototype of the book as early on as possible (following the motto "fail fast, fail cheap"). Next, we needed some meat to the bone. This is when we started to assemble 60+ different corporate case studies based on interviews with leading executives (primarily Chief Executive Officers (CEOs), Chief Digital Officers (CDOs) and Heads of Transformation or Innovation) in the respective organizations. We used these to illustrate the elements that make for a successful digital transformation. And then came the finishing touches (which, in author lingo, means writing up the whole thing). Well, we did that too - and the rest is history.
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