how to sustain continued success in the core business
while establishing a new digital business

The Digital Transformer’s Dilemma is the first practitioner-oriented how-to-guide for executing a digital transformation.
It features real companies' digital transformation journeys and equips you with the tools and knowledge to run your own.

Book forthcoming in 2020

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Digitization is pervasive and requires businesses to adapt fundamentally. Surprisingly few know how to go about this, though.

Sprinkling some "digital glitter" does not suffice. Organizations need to upgrade their traditional business while exploring new digital ways of value capture.

This is the source of the digital transformer’s dilemma

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- Inspired by Tarde, 1903

To overcome the digital transformer's dilemma, you need to follow a 4-tier approach. Each of the 4 elements features a set of actionable steps incl. best practices on how to strike a balance between efforts across the traditional and the new digital business.

Are you ready for your digital transformation?

You preach digital transformation?
You have to live digital transformation!

You think MVPs are only relevant to innovative new product development?
You reckon that agile principles only work in a programming environment?
You figure rapid prototyping and following the "fail fast, fail cheap" motto is something only certain sized organizations ought to look into?

We disagree. We applied all of this when creating our book.

You may ask, who are "we" anyways?

Think about it from a cuisine perspective: use a pinch of academia, add a dollop of industry expertise, throw in a dash of the obligatory management consultant, and there you go.

Karolin Frankenberger

Prof. Dr. Karolin Frankenberger

Markus Schmidt

Markus Schmidt

Hannah Mayer

Hannah Mayer

Andreas Reiter

Andreas Reiter

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